Mara Alves: Portuguese curator wants to ‘deliver a message’ through art

[VIDEO] When Mara Alves was a child, her mum gave her a book about legendary Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The collection of Dali’s work inspired Mara to pursue a career in the world of arts. Since then, she has tried everything from ceramics and pottery, to drawing and painting. 


Constança: From one island to another

[PHOTOS] I met Constança at her home in Finsbury Park on a sunny Saturday morning, which is rare in London – even though we are in September.

Fátima Veloso: The Portuguese cleaner and cosmetics lover

[VIDEO] Born in the Portuguese city of Viseu, Fátima Veloso was left with no option but to leave her country when the factory she owned closed down. In 2003, she packed her bags and moved to the UK with her 4-year-old daughter. A year later, Fátima’s husband was able to join the family in London – where they have lived ever since.

Francisco Durães: The Portuguese food lover

[VIDEO] When you walk into O Cantinho de Portugal, a restaurant located in the heart of Stockwell, you might wonder if you are still in London. Owned by Francisco and Carla Durães, the restaurant looks, smells and feels like Portugal.

Joana Jesus: London’s Portuguese video blogger

[VIDEO] Seven years ago, Joana Jesus left Lisbon and moved to London. Since then, she has been involved in a handful of projects – from developing her own curriculum module to starting a YouTube channel.