Catarina Santos: A potential nun turned actress

  Catarina Santos is a musical theatre actress and runs her own performing arts school. All her childhood and teenage years led up to it, starting from ballet classes at age three, to acting in soap operas at age seven and being part of the school’s choir and theatre group by 16. Attending a Catholic…

João Costa: The Portuguese teacher helping others move abroad

[VIDEO] Born in Costa da Caparica, a beach town near Lisbon, João Costa was forced to leave his home country when he found himself jobless during the financial crisis. Like himself, many other teachers were left unemployed. In 2007, João took matters into his own hands and moved to London, where he now works as an Assistant Headteacher.

Ludmila: “You are happy because you are grateful.”

[PHOTOS] Born in the Portuguese capital, Ludmila has family from both Guinea and Cape Verde. But, over 10 years ago, she moved to the UK, where she completed high school and graduated with a French and Political Science degree from the University of Leeds.